To keep our women, children, families and staff as safe as possible and to limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) we now have in place an updated visitor policy. This is being continuously reviewed, and any changes will be communicated at the first opportunity here.

We know that this will be difficult for many of our families and patients but we need your continued support to ensure we minimise the risk of COVID-19 (coronavirus) being brought onto our hospital sites; causing an infection to a vulnerable patient or an essential member of our NHS team.

We’d encourage families and friends to use other means to stay in touch, including digital communications, to offer support to loved ones.

Please note that, despite the easing of lockdown, in order to protect our vulnerable patients, families and staff our visitor restrictions remain in place.

Do not visit if you are unwell, especially if you have a high temperature or a new, persistent cough, or if you are vulnerable as a result of medication you take, have a chronic illness or are over 70. For the latest national guidance on self-isolation visit the NHS England website.

In line with national guidance, including other specialist hospitals, the following will apply to both visits to inpatients and the attendance of outpatient appointments.


Visiting for inpatients is restricted to a maximum of two adult family members or carer. Two adults at a time, from the same household unless due to family circumstances the child regularly spends their time in two households, in which case it can be one adult from each household. Only two adults should travel at any one time and no other family members are allowed on site during the visit.

For outpatient attendances a maximum of two designated family members or carers may accompany the patient for the appointment. No children are able to visit.

CORE Community Hubs

Our Core Community Hub Teams work with children, young people and young adults requiring specialist mental health services. The teams have different professionals including Psychiatrists, Mental Health Practitioners, Therapists and Support Workers who provide assessment and treatment for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

If you have an appointment with one of the core teams you may be invited to attend an appointment at our of our hub locations across the city, offered a virtual or telephone appointment or be offered an appointment in a place comfortable for you. In appointments we will talk with you about your concerns, provide advice and agree a plan for what will happen next.  

Outpatient attendances

For outpatient attendances, a maximum of two designated family members or carers may accompany the patient for the appointment.

We have also now started screening visitors as they arrive at our sites. This team will check that the visitor policy is being adhered to, and no other members of the public will be allowed onto our sites.

Wherever possible, visitors should be the same individual each time, unless that person needs to self-isolate or becomes unwell. No other family or friends should be on the Trust’s premises whilst an individual makes their visit.

These visiting arrangements do not apply to patients receiving end-of-life care. In such circumstances, please contact the ward or department offering care to discuss appropriate arrangements.