Screening, Training, Intervention, Consultation and Knowledge (STICK team)

What is STICK?

The Screening, Training, Intervention, Consultation and Knowledge (STICK) Team:

  • works with strategic partners, including Birmingham Children’s Trust, Birmingham Safeguarding Board, Birmingham Education Partnership and several voluntary agencies
  • is accessible by all 450+ schools across Birmingham and is aligned with Right Help, Right Time to increase confidence and streamline access to early help
  • is committed to increasing understanding of the impact of early trauma and ACEs across staff working with CYP in Birmingham to enable them to appropriately support CYP in their care, reducing escalation to secondary care. 


Screening Providing assessment and screening of CYP within schools, GP surgeries and family support services to increase early intervention and identify emerging symptoms

Training Providing specialist training to professionals working alongside CYP to up skill and equip them to provide low level interventions

Intervention Therapuetic menu of interventions for CYP who traditionally would not have met thresholds for CAMHS services

Consultation specialist consultation for those working in education, children’s services and GP practice – encouraging wrap around care when it is most needed

Knowledge practitioners include nurses, social workers, teachers and youth workers. The combined skill of this team brings a specialist knowledge and a comprehensive service

Mental health workshops for students and parents/carers

STICK's Youth Mental Health Team are running workshops in primary schools and high schools in Birmingham for parents and young people, offering early help and mental health support.

The workshops teach young people about mental health awareness and give them the tools to support their mental health both inside and outside of school, from learning about sleep hygiene to online safety.

If you are a professional at a Birmingham-based primary or secondary school, you can request a workshop via our form: Mental health youth work request form.doc [doc] 206KB

Please complete the form and send to:

Want to know more? Take a look at our latest feedback:

"The workshops were fantastic - they offered practical techniques and advice to our young people, and their parents for building resilience and supporting mental health in high school.

The young people got a lot out of it; they've taken on board the advice and have asked about more workshops in the future. During the pandemic, young people missed out on a lot of this preventative work. With everything that's happening in the world, it's so important we discuss mental health to not only normalise it but to offer practical steps for improving wellbeing.

Schools often act as the first line of defence, so this kind of early intervention is vital. It's so important that young people know we are open to talk about mental health and that we're here to help.

 We had a lot of interest in these workshops, and the parents found them so helpful. It opened up a conversation about mental health and allowed parents to ask questions and seek support. We're really thankful to STICK for these workshops. They are a great team, and the parents, teachers and students really benefitted from their visit."

-Rhonda Marynowski, School Counsellor for Ninestiles Academy in Acocks Green, Birmingham

Who do I contact for further information?

For more information about the STICK team and how to get access contact

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