Think4Brum offer their top mental health tips to tackle winter blues

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The month of January and its associated "Blue Monday" are known as being the most difficult period of the year when it comes to looking after our mental wellbeing.

Think4Brum, our Youth Participation Group, uses their own experiences of mental health issues to help support and shape our mental health services. Louna Walker, Communications Lead for Think4Brum, is sharing the group's top tips for coping during the winter months:


Simple and overlooked, eating and drinking well is vital to your physical and mental health. Eating regular meals and adding some fresh ingredients helps get those vitamins in and keep you energised. You can also take some multivitamins and ensure your vitamin D levels stay on top to help you during the darker days.


Building a routine is so helpful during Winter. When it's cold and dark, you feel like staying in bed, but building a routine suited to you can help you hugely with productivity, time for yourself and can help you avoid feeling sluggish and hopeless. It's a great thing to try and incorporate some time outside with fresh air and some sunlight too


Create an achievement list - We focus so much on work goals, to-do lists and the things we haven't yet done, so let's switch perspectives and look at what we are achieving. It helps keep that spring in your step and gives you a chance to treat yourself for those things you have done. 


Rewarding yourself and taking time to rest, reflect and rejuvenate, after all, winter is the time for hibernation, ready for a fresh start in the spring. Be easy on yourself. You are doing your best and within this ever-growing and changing world, it's ok to just be you and take your time. 

Interested it being part of our supportive group? Think4Brum are currently recruiting! To find out more, visit the Think4Brum page.

Myth Buster

We understand that really, there is no such thing as "Blue Monday" and we are always here to support you, no matter the time of year. Visit our resources page for mental health strategies and support.