Tips for looking after your mental health on results day

The wait for #resultsday

The wait for results day can be an exciting but anxiety-provoking time.

With results day around the corner, here are some tips and tricks to get you through the period from our Assistant Psychologists at FTB.

If you need to talk to someone, there is always someone at It is a free, safe and anonymous platform where you can get online counselling.

Communicate with those around you

Make sure you are surrounded by people you feel supported by and comfortable with; you don't need to go through it alone. Openly talk about how you are feeling, they can motivate you, help you hold onto some perspective (see the bigger, long term picture) and help you through this stressful time. 

Don't compare yourself to others

It's hard not to compare yourself to others when everyone is sharing their results on social media, but remember that everyone is on their own journey. If you didn't get the grades you were expecting, remember everyone has different strengths, goals and plans. There are no right or wrong next steps.

Find a distraction

During this time all you can seem to think about it results day. However, take time for yourself & find distractions. Go for a nice walk, whether this is with your friends, loved ones or alone. Go out with your friends and enjoy the summer or you could reconnect with an old hobby or current one like reading. Try to avoid social media as this can add pressure and add to a view of unrealistic standards which not needed during this time. Find whatever works for you.

Remember to de-stress

Despite the reassurance, sometimes the stress of the situation can get you down. To overcome the stress, make sure to stay connected to your passions and use each stressful situation as a learning experience. Have time to yourself to just stop, slow down, gather and reflect. These are all important in learning how effectively deal with stressful, overwhelming situations and maintaining your sense of self. Breathe.


Being mindful of your emotions, thoughts and physical body during the build up of results day will allow you to understand and process all the emotions that may come before, during and after the day. It can allow your to clearly process what that piece of paper with your results on might say. If the days' outcome was not what you expected to be, take a moment to pause, accept the emotions that come with it and when you are ready, redirect your focus towards something new.

What next?

If your GCSE results are not what you expected, it does not mean you should stop there. This might be the time to pause and think about your other options. You may already have a plan B in mind and now might be the time to problem-solve, and think about your options. Have you considered an apprentice? another college/university? Or another course that you really love? Explore what would best for you and your learning type.