You can now drop in for a face-to-face session, no need to pre-book.  

Due to high levels of demand, we have currently closed our booked session offer. 

If you are already on the waiting list, please contact us to update if you no longer want the session - by leaving a message on our registration line - 0207 841 4470. 

Each week we publish the Pause drop-in dates, times and locations on this page. This support is exactly the same as the booked session, just much quicker to access and at a time that suits you. 

Drop-in Timetable for Monday 17th June - Saturday 22nd June 2024



17th June


18th June


19th June


20th June


21st June


22nd June











 Service Closed






Sparkbrook Community Centre 





Christ Church,

 Farm Rd,


B11 1LS








Service Closed







Service Closed






 Service Closed


Please note: We cannot offer sessions in the last 30 minutes of the drop-in but you are welcome to register and get some information on how the service works.

Pause is currently only able to offer limited drop-in hours. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope to increase weekend provision as soon as possible.

If you attend drop-in during education/work hours, we can provide you with a letter to prove to education or employers that you were accessing support and had a legitimate absence. Please ask staff for more info.

Pause Workshops

Pause Current Workshops & Events

Pause are currently offering a range of Art workshops, aimed at children between the ages of 5 to 12. To book onto any of the workshops, click here Pause art workshops by Pause- Part of Forward Thinking Birmingham. | Eventbrite. Pick which workshop you would like to attend and follow the booking instructions. We will require you to register with Pause, if you have not already registered.


Self-Esteem Trading Cards - Saturday 29th June between 10:30am - 12:00pm

Pause Workshop Poster

Digbeth Hub

Outside View of Pause Digbeth HubAddress - 21 Digbeth, B5 6BJ


We are a short walk from Birmingham New Street and the Bull Ring Shopping Centre. Our Digbeth Hub is on the High Street that leads from the back of the Bull Ring and St Martin's Church down to the Digbeth area of the city centre.

Our Hub is opposite the Adagio Hotel, just before Digbeth Police Station. 

When we are open for drop-in the silver doors will be open and you can just walk in! :)


Sparkbrook Hub

External view of Sparkbrook Hub Location




Address - Sparkbrook Community & Health Centre, 

34 Grantham Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 1LU

More info on how to find this venue here:

Watch out for the Pause banner by the entrance, staff will be there to help you access support. 

Pause Banner





We are also delivering some sessions from Christ Church Sparkbrook, 32 Farm Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B11 1LS. 

This site is directly across the road from Sparkbrook Health & Community Centre.

Again, please look out for the Pause banner in the entrance. 




Before you set off

Pause Hubs banner Double-check the website to make sure drop-in is open.

If you haven't registered with Pause already, save time by completing the registration form before you come. 

Please note

We cannot offer sessions in the last 30 minutes of the drop-in but you are welcome to register and get some information on how the service works.

We update this page weekly. In unforseen circumstances we may need to close unexpectedly, we will update here as soon as practicable. 

Drop-in sessions are provided on a first come, first served basis. We can not guarantee you will be offered a session if you drop in, as demand can be very high.

If you attend drop-in during school time, we can provide a letter to prove it was a legitimate absence.

If you have requested a booked session but then access drop-in, we will cancel the booking request. This is to ensure fair access to the Service.

How do I access support from Pause?

How do I access support from Pause?

If you are under 25 and registered with a GP in Birmingham, you can receive support from Pause. We also provide support for parents and carers who are concerned about their child or young person’s wellbeing.

Never used Pause before?

Please register via the link below, then come along to drop-in (see this week's timetable above).

Register for Pause here

Already registered?

No need to re-register - just drop-in for a session (see timetable above).

Please Note

We are not an emergency service – if there is any risk to life please contact the emergency services.

Who can access Pause?

If you are under 25 and registered with a GP in Birmingham, you can receive support from Pause. We also provide support for parents and carers who are concerned about their child or young person’s wellbeing.

If you are under 14 we require a parent/carer to complete the registration with you and support you to come to a session, however, once you are here you can have space to speak on your own without your parent or carer.

We do not accept registrations completed by professionals. If you think our service may be suitable for young people you work with, please send them the link to this page and they can make the decision to register or not.

What if I struggle with forms/don't have access to the internet?

You can also register by leaving a message on our registration line: 020 784 14470 (Please note local call charges apply), one of the team will call you back and get you signed up for support.

We are led by you – the young person - we don’t book you in for regular sessions. It’s your choice when you contact us for support and how often – we are here when you want to talk.

How old do you need to be to get support from Pause without a parent/carer?

You can access Pause without a parent or carer if you are 14 years old or over. This means you can come to drop in or request a phone or video call without an adult if you want to. However, we ask you to provide an emergency contact who we will contact if we are worried you are at risk of harm.  

What can Pause help with?

Anything relating to emotional wellbeing.

But what is emotional well-being? In simple terms, it is emotional health & happiness. 

When we are emotionally healthy we:

  • Function in society, whether that is at school, college, uni or at work, or when we are with friends and family;
  • Cope with life’s challenges by drawing on our strengths;
  • Understand and manage our emotions, expressing them in appropriate ways;
  • Accept ourselves and show acceptance of others.

Our aim is to help you boost your resilience as well as develop coping skills for when life presents challenges.

Our team is made up of experienced wellbeing practitioners & wellbeing volunteers who will take the time to listen to whatever it is that is troubling you.

Pause can:

  • We can recommend strategies and techniques that aim to make life easier – for example, how to manage a panic attack, how to improve sleep or how best to communicate with family and friends etc.
  • We will give practical suggestions and advice – this might be suggesting you look at a website or contact another service.
  • We can provide a listening ear if you have something you want to get off your chest.

Pause won't:

  • assess or diagnose any conditions.
  • automatically make referrals to other services.
  • necessarily have to tell anyone that you have spoken to Pause. (There may be times when we feel we need to speak to other people, services or agencies. We will try and speak to you about this before we do.)

Operating Hours

Our service operates Monday to Saturday, we are closed Sundays and Bank Holidays. See availability above for drop-in sessions week by week.