Eating Disorder Service

Eating Disorder Service

Getting help early when suffering from an eating disorder is really important.

Many of us will be conscious of healthy eating and diet at times but if you have concerns about food and weight that are starting to have an impact on your everyday life, you may need some extra support.

We provide a city-wide service for young people and adults who need treatment and support for eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Our specialist team of dedicated mental health professionals can help you explore your relationship with food and work with you to understand the best way to tackle your problems.

Our Service

If our service is right for you, we'll invite you to meet with us at one of our four community hubs situated across Birmingham. We'll meet with you and your loved ones to understand your individual concerns and agree a treatment plan that's right for you. This could include self-help materials, diet planning, family therapy and individual or group work - we'll work with you to find the most helpful approach.

We're really delighted to be part of the FREED Network. This means along with seven other UK eating disorder services, we provide innovative, evidence-based treatment to support early intervention in eating disorders for young people up to the age of 25.

Our Specialist Eating Disorder team is very proud of the service that we offer, which enables self-referrals, fast access to assessment and treatment, telephone assessments and individualised care and treatment plans.

Eating disorder referrals information for GPs for FREED and FTB [pdf] 255KB

How to access this service 

There are a number of ways to access our eating disorders service but we would encourage you to see your GP if you think you may be showing symptoms of an eating disorder. By involving your GP early on, we can all work better together to look after your mental and physical health needs. 

You can now self-refer to our service via our online portal or by calling us on 0300 300 0099. We continue to accept referrals from GPs and other professionals who may be concerned about someone. 

You can also visit Pause, our city centre drop-in service. The staff there can give you advice regarding your concerns, and support you to take the next steps.

Additionally, GPs should review this advice from the Healthy London Partnership around eating disorders. Click here to view eating disorder advice for GPs.

What happens next 

Once we've received your referral, we'll get in touch to discuss your current concerns and the support our team could offer. If we feel that you would benefit from further help from our specialist service, we'll offer you an initial appointment (Choice), where we can discuss your needs and complete a full assessment. If we are the best team to meet your needs we will agree to an initial treatment plan with you and your loved ones.

We aim to see people promptly so initial assessments are often arranged over the phone, so you may not receive an appointment letter. Following the Choice appointment we'll share a copy of your assessment letter with you and your GP.